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Live views from the International Space Station
See what the astronauts are seeing!

BLACK screen = ISS on the night side of the Earth
GRAY screen = no transmission, switching cameras, or player crashed (try closing and reopening)

BLUE screen = no signal

Hdg: Alt: km
Click map to set target marker. Click target marker to calculate next ISS pass over the target.

What is this site?
This site allows you to view live images from cameras aboard the International Space Station (ISS) together with simulated images from Google Earth, so you know what you are looking at.

Who put cameras on the ISS?
NASA, in High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment.

What is the "delay" in the Google Earth window?
The camera images are streamed with 15-30s delay. As the Google Earth image is rendered based on the current position of the ISS, this would cause the mismatch between two images. For this reason, the simulated image must be similarly delayed. You should adjust the delay value so both images match.

How do you know where the ISS is?
Knowledge of orbital elements and current time is enough to calculate position of an orbiting satellite.
Orbital elements for ISS are obtained from CelesTRAK and the calculation code was taken from here.

The simulated image does not match the camera image!
Try adjusting delay and check your computer clock. Also note that the nadir view is flipped upside-down on the camera.

Are you affiliated with NASA?
No, this is a private initiative.

How can I contact you?
E-mail: admin(at)viewfromiss(dot)com